Key to success.

The key to success is to truly seek to understand what is really True, Good and Important.

It is always best to build on what we actually correctly know and never stop doing that.

The mentor puts a lot of emphasis on “The Method”. From what I understand it is a way of thinking in scenarios; adding and subtracting things and thinking through things to there logical conclusions. The mentor says that ” scenarios are a way for You to communicate with your brain”.

Life is all about resource management; This includes the brain power which is a limited resource we have at our disposal in a day. We want to channel it in the most efficient way. When we create a scenario, we give the brain a framework to think in and enables the brain to function in the most efficient manner. By the end of the exercise, we have a much clearer understanding of what is true. If we don’t use scenarios, the brain with its limited power might be squandered in areas with the least impact.

Logic is not foundational but consciousness fields are. This is a profound idea from the mentor. He also makes a distinction between the scientific method and what he calls ” successive approximation” . While he says that the scientific method has been useful, it has nonetheless being abused quite a bit. I have personally experienced this where I have seen degree holding engineers making conclusions and inferences which are completely unscientific.